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24 Diversions

I say, care for a bit of sport old bean?

As if there wasn't enough to do in the world of Battle Mines, diversions offer a new avenue of entertainment for the whimsical emperor. Juice up your people simply by playing the game as normal, then spend all the positive energy in gainful pursuit. Rinse, and repeat! Good times for all!

The super technoshield unfortunately prevents all diversions, except for internal spy hunts.

24.1 Juice

As the people mill madly about enacting your will, a certain intractable fervour starts to build up in their blood. This excitement, labelled "juice" for lack of a better word, translates into the ability to enjoy diversions, which in turn feed back into your activities.

Juice is accumulated by performing almost any action in the game. Here's an exhaustive list; all of these will result in a gain of one juice.

Attack player
Beat underlings
Black market
Build DDD
Build outpost
Build lighthouse
Construct building
Detonate DDD
Donate to Ramul
Dispatch spy
Feed the people
Fuel the reactor
Harvest idle
Land exchange
Land push
Missile test
Nuke player
Research technology
Rush production
Scrap building
Smuggle palantir
Throw a banquet
Upgrade spy

Some espionage missions are even juicer, executing any of these (even if they fail) will set the people into a frenzy and generate 20 juice instead of one.

Incite revolt
Sabotage player
Suicide bombing

Additionally, players receive one juice for every hour that passes (on average). The maximum juice that can be stored is 100.

24.2 Spy Hunt

Ah, the thrill in pursuit of the most dangerous game!

Taking counter espionage into your own hands is in fact a harmless passtime at worst, and can be highly lucrative at best. In exchange for ten juice you gather all your top personnel, as well as a good number of hearty and hale underlings. Led by the chief spy your team sets out to chase down an enemy agent.

Spy hunts can take place in your own city, or in the city of any player with whom you have a spy. (Don't worry, you will never accidentally hunt down your own spies.) While for some reason those slippery agents often seem to escape your clutches, the investigation may result in a prize to take home, particularly if you track down your prey with succinct aplomb. These prizes may reflect the building your quarry was captured in, or the base resource of the land where the operation is conducted. If you hunt in a larger city, the rewards will be correspondingly greater.

The nature of the game is simple: Once the hunt is declared, you click buildings in the target city in order to explore them. If you pick the wrong building, the chief spy will give you feedback as to where there might be a higher chance of success. This hint might reflect a cardinal direction, or an approximate distance. There's plenty of chance involved, but the quicker you are able to resolve the clues the better your prize will be.

After you start a hunt, be sure not to leave the screen of the city in which you are hunting, otherwise your hunt will be aborted and no juice refund given. Unfortunately there are no reservations on this point: Ensure your internet connection is as stable as possible because if you are forced to leave for ANY reason mid-hunt, your progress and juice will be lost. Spy hunts cannot be performed if the target has a super technoshield in place, or outside your own city if you have one.

24.3 Wheel Of Adventure

Too much juice to spy hunt away? Seeking a bigger thrill? The wheel of adventure may be just the ticket!

On the map screen, you can spin the wheel at any time, but some juice is required for it to have an effect. All your juice will be consumed in the spin, more juice will often yield a more positive outcome. Before spinning, you can choose your mood going in to the adventure: passive, or aggressive. This could change the outcome of your adventure, for example a bossy attitude could come in handy while fighting off a pirate attack, while the gentler disposition might work for negotiating a research pact with your neighbours.

After the pointer comes to rest, you will interact with the chosen tile. If it lands on a neighbour, they will usually be notified of the adventures you have together. Unlike spy hunt, the rewards of the wheel can be far greater, but there are also be dangerous outcomes lurking at the end of the spinner. There's only one way to find out what will happen to you, and that's to spin the wheel!

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