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Erik Walle's Battle Mines was conceived, designed, and built from scratch by me, Erik Walle.

Graphics were created by Santiago Díaz González and Daniel Jose Ruiz Jimeno, natives of Malaga, Spain.

Music was composed by Marcus Zuhr, sound effects by Brent Silk, voice acting by Jacob Burgess.

Title poster was created by Milos Simic and Sugarbricks Studio of Belgrade, Serbia.

Special thanks to Santiago, who contributed a great deal to the project before being contracted to continue his efforts.

Lots of hugs and kisses to my wife Winnie Liang, and both our families, who have supported me while working on this game.

My appreciation and admiration to the beta testers, who endured many trials while making Battle Mines the best it can be.

Thanks Chris Dion for a professional technical assessment, and all the original battle miners from hometown Vancouver.

Thanks to Tronster Hartley for early guidance in the ways of Actionscript, if my code is crap it's not his fault.

Thanks to Brennon Adams for the Let's Play videos, and for moderating the forums since the early days.

Thanks to the open source community, because low-level stuff is boring and hard.

Thanks to anyone who contributes artwork, submissions are always welcome.

Thank you for your interest, please enjoy the game.

BATTLE MINES © Erik Walle 2005-2023
Red Asteroid Games Inc.
All rights reserved