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Battle Mines is a free strategy MMO set in a whimsical post-apocalyptic world. Players build cities, fire cannons, and vote in the senate to dominate the political landscape. Trade, espionage, religion, everything is on the table and nothing is sacred with this tongue-in-cheek cold war free for all.

All Hail HARLAN and Scurtis, Masters of Battle Mines


Battle Mines is no more! I had to upgrade php on the server which broke a bunch of stuff, ain't got time to fix it. Flash is going obsolete on major browsers in 2 weeks anyway!

This site will remain as a monument to one person's hubris in the face of a world they couldn't be bothered to interface with properly.

Head yourself on over to to see all the new stuff!


Everyone now has global chat, but can only use it once per hour. The speaker has unlimited global chat. (Unless he's a naughty speaker.)


Terraforming is now free!


Lo and behold, the "Angwe" update. If 10 or more food is ever on the table in a black market trade, Ramul will flat out ask for all your food as part of the bargain.


Maximum heft is now 10, effectively capping the cost of land push at 10.

If the difference in enriched uranium fired on each side of local combat is 10 or greater, a land push is triggered.


First of 2015, the "Ellie" update: Mines on uranium tiles are no longer constructed ready to harvest. Instead, they have a 2 hour wait remaining.


Terraforming now also leaves scrap (for the underground buildings destroyed).

Autoharvest is now free!


DDDs no longer destroy rubble, and buildings leave scrap. Crops, however, are destroyed.


Land push no longer fails.


Doomsday Devices now finish in 10% chunks instead of 5%, and so cost half as much overall.


The cost of a radar is now 1 STEEL + 2 GLASS (down from 2 STEEL + 2 GLASS).

The cost of a landmine is now 1 STEEL + 1 EUR (down from 1 STEEL + 2 EUR).

The cost of a dome is now 2 GLASS (down from 2 GLASS + 1 ALU).

The cost of a greenhouse is now 2 GLASS + 1 ALU (up from 2 GLASS), but their production time is now just 12 hours (down from 20 hours).

Laissez-faire industries now have a pollution reduction of 30% (down from 35%). They now ignore the first 5 pollution to PM, rather than GM. This does not stack with uranium ore tiles.


The cost of a borehole has been halved, now 1 ALU + 1 STEEL + 1 DMND.


Reactors now cost 2 ALU + 1 EUR (down from 2 EUR)

When a master defeats their vassal in combat, there is no longer a +5% tithe bonus. Instead, a vassal defeating their master in combat has their tithe reduced by 5%.


Syndicalism nerf: Accuracy bonus is now +5% (down from +10%), tithe bonus now +5% (down from +10%).

Fascism simplification: +8 PM, -1 per hosted outpost


Having a spy on a neighbour now allows you to easily find them on the map.


Building construction now randomly yields materials when the foundation is excavated. Each square a building takes up gives a 10% chance of this happening.

Spies forced to return home due to lack of hiding places now reimburse with sand.

Those DMs only 10% complete or less no longer block land exchange with lower tech tree players.


Production modifier now effects refining (and perma-refining) in the same way as mining, but instead of each unit PM boosting by 10%, refining is boosted by only 5%.

Having more than 3 mines no longer deducts from PM. Instead, having more than 5 production buildings (mines, refineries, greenhouses, etc.) deducts from PM in the same way.

Syndicalism now always costs 3 food to enact, regardless of hatred. Inciting a revolt to syndicalism now costs 4 food.

Syndicalism is now easier to maintain: Either 3 vassals, or hunger of 3 or less will suffice at the six hour mark. The people will attempt to eat themselves down to 3 hunger in the same way, if vassals are not present.

Speaker for the senate vote can be for anyone now! Just click the "Vote speaker" button on their player profile.


An IWI trade will be unavailable if there is any other identical trade available (ignoring repetition). So, you have to trade with other players before the IWI.


Took a while, but the wheel of adventure diversion is ready.

Diversions can't take place with a super technoshield in place, except internal spy hunts.


Radar now defends against an ICBM strike of any size, using up only a single missile from the defensive player's inventory.


Plot points are complete. No impact to gameplay, except that chapter 2 must be completed before syndicalism can be enacted manually.


Inciting revolt, sabotage, and suicide bombing now generate 20 juice (up from 10).

If your agent is captured during a sabotage attempt, the IWI will now confiscate only half your uranium (rounding up).


Each ICBM hit increases fallout by only 2.


The IWI will now accept posted trades occasionally. Posting more valid trades increases the odds.
Extravagent or selfish trades are ignored, a completely balanced trade has about a 1/16 chance of being taken every 6 hours.
The IWI is 25% more likely to accept bureaucracy trades.

The IWI now also offers trades of the hour and day. They function as you might expect, check the manual for details.


ICBMs now cost only 2 EUR + 2 STEEL to manufacture. New factories have equal chances of holding an aid package, diamond drill, or ICBM.


Fallout now deducts from the attacker's accuracy in local combat, as radiation sickness makes the populace think twice about continued aggression.

Some further reductions in tech level costs.


Senate revisions: Power to the people!

Extra issue votes are now based on diplomats OR vassals, whichever is LESS. The number of votes currently being cast will be shown on the Politics Screen, above the vote button.

Speaker voting power is reduced from 10% back down to 5% of the total votes cast.

Speaker for the senate voting mechanism remains unchanged.

Land exchange victims now experience an additional random, positive event.

Syndicalism is now easier to maintain. At the 6-hour mark, only 3 vassals and a hunger of 3 or less are needed to maintain the uber-government.

The syndicalist people will attempt to eat themselves down to 3 hunger if food is available, as before.


Buff for pig iron miners: In defensive combat, if the iron miner is not a pushover (ie. fires at least one round), friendly hill giants will join in the fray by hurling a large boulder at the enemy.

The hill giants' contribution counts as an extra round of conventional munition. Their accuracy receives no benefit from buildings or government.


Only two adjacent windmills are now required to reduce a building's power, however pollution is no longer reduced by windmills.

Total power of solar panel-adjacent buildings is now reduced by 2/3, up from 1/2. Now the reduction is rounded down, not up, however.


Coal is now also affected by the -1 PM / mine after three rule.


The first 3 mines in a city no longer subtract from PM. The 4th, 5th, and so on, will subtract 1 PM as before. Coal miners are still unaffected.

Refineries and factories destroyed while manufacturing now leave extra rubble based on their projected final output, ie. 1 aid = 1 bauxite, 1 iron.

DDD chunks now take only 20 hours to install, down from 24.

The death of players (due to loss of hull, or idle death) is now distinctly known as "Obliteration".


Higher tech level costs have been slightly reduced again.


Solar panels now cost just 2 diamond and 2 glass (down from 3 of each).


Sabotage, suicide bombing, and incite revolt are now extra juicy actions: Each generates +10 juice instead of just +1 as per most actions.

Some experimental new senate rules are in place.

Firstly, diplomats add +1 vote to all non-speaker issues, instead of to the speaker issue.
Secondly, the speaker gets a voting boost of +10% (up from +5%) of all votes, including the total diplomat count.

My primary aim is to occasionally have an unusual issue result, as they have been stagnant for some time now.

I have not yet updated the manual, I'll do so if I decide this is a better system.


If a player has a super technoshield in place, spy hunts can no longer be conducted in their city by other players. Also, they can only hunt spies in their own city.


Introducing this whole new deal, diversions! The first diversion to hit the floor will be Spy Hunt, be sure to read all about it and juice over in the manual, section 24.


Reactors now gain an extra 2 fuel per uranium ore consumed (10 normally, 12 with atomic reconditioning).


If a player has less than their starting 10 hull when they win a hull bounty, the IWI will refurbish them back up to a full 10 hull minimum.


As well as donating food to reduce restocking time in the black market, a single aid can now be donated to fully eliminate the wait (down to the minimum 1 minute).


Players with a diabolical machine cannot land exchange those who are still on the lower tech tree.

DDD chunks now cost just 5 of the variable refined material, plus 5 steel to build.
If the arms race is taxed by the senate, the steel surcharge on DMs is doubled.
If arms are funded, the steel cost is eliminated.


Every player now gets 3 base global trades.


Black market selection ordering has been tweaked slightly; now, whether an object is more or less plentiful is considered of greater importance than whether it is produced natively or not.

So the heuristics go: Tier, Natively produced, Quantity, Object Value Order.


Newly constructed production buildings now start with their timers complete, except boreholes which do not and greenhouses which start with a 6 (as opposed to 20) hour timer remaining.
Factories have a 1/2 chance of giving you a free aid, 1/3 chance of a diamond drill, and 1/6 of an ICBM.

Tech level costs have been slightly reduced. If you feel hard done by (ie. just spent 10 gold to get a level!) contact me.


The beating of underlings is now officially documented in the manual.

- Up-to-date senate votes must be cast before underlings may be beaten
- The recovery period between beatings is now 10 hours (down from 20)
- Recovery is immediate when hunger is reduced to zero, or when the people are fed directly (or when a banquet is thrown)

Also, the rewards for beating underlings have been statistically sweetened a little bit.


The n00b shield now lasts just 4 days, not a whole week.


Changes to land exchange: Victims no longer lose any outposts at all, and are automatically awarded one aid by the IWI.

Perma-mining is now for just one mine's worth, but it happens every 2 hours. (Still 6 hours for uranium miners.)

There now exists: Perma-refining. After you research Refining, you receive one free unit of your land's refined material per day.
Like perma-mines, the perma-refinery is affected by strikes, and cannot be disabled.
Each enriched uranium produced in this way has a 25% chance of causing one fallout.

Brag qualifications have been reduced, apologies to anyone who worked hard for an earlier bar.


Players in their first week will now go idle after just three days.


The landing page has been redone!

When a brand new player arrives on someone's map, an outpost with them is now given for free.


Battle Mines now fully simulates the nutrient cycle with the introduction of latrines.

When your people are fed, their hunger goes down. The return process is known as digestion.

As your people digest food, there is now a chance they will crap out a nugget of enriched material, in the form of rubble in the city.

This was their old latrine site, it signals that the people have quietly moved on to do their business elsewhere.

Several studies have been done on the digestive tracts of Battle Minians; none wholly conclusive.

You will be notified with an event when your people take a dump.


Desolation now only whithers crops and trees every 2 hours, not every hour.

Pale horseman is reduced to 3% chance of hull damage per unit fallout and pollution, down from 4%.


New user experience has been drastically ameliorated.

As well as more tips and guidance from the advisers, early benefits include but are not limited to:

- No overflow
- No food rotting
- No negative events
- Reduced production timers
- Juicier underling beatings


As of a couple weeks ago, Battle Mines entered a competitive marketplace, hungry for people to play it.

I've received useful feedback, and will be working this week on improving the first-time play experience, as well as polishing up some of the game screens visually. Anything to hook more nerds.

There's no learning curve on this game until you want one. Just build stuff and attack people.  ;)


Paypal and brags have been enabled!

We will keep the "beta" moniker for another week or so, until everything is stable.

Happy battle mining!

19/02/2013 is officialy live!

I am having the beta testers create their accounts, if all goes well I will enable Facebook brags and Paypal tomorrow.



We are getting close!

All systems go for launch, I will probably wait until after my birthday festivities because I don't want to be hung over when reddit gets wind of this.

Still fixing some minor bugs, adding new graphics from Santi, and changing all settings to production levels.

The way it's going to work, we will launch under the "Beta" heading initially, keep it that way for a few weeks while we ramp up and continue ironing out bugs.

We WILL be accepting payments however, and starting gold will be zero. Any purchases will be honoured, even in the event of global calamity.

(Programmatic global calamity, not thermonuclear or trans-dimensional.)

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