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Tips Goals
Battle Mines is forgiving and fun however you play.
A few strategies, however, are almost always useful -
  • Spend excess inventory before it rains
  • Use food quickly before it rots
  • Anarchy to harvest rubble and scrap trees
  • Enemy out of coal? Attack with one coal
  • Neighbours idle? Spy, and loot resources!
  • Vote in the senate, beat your underlings
  • Post trades, even bad ones. You never know.
  • Come what may in battle, be nice in chat!
Battle Mines is a very open ended game.
Pick small, large, or multiple goals -
  • Complete all plot points
  • Build outposts, spy on all neighbours
  • 100% palantir and diplomat coverage
  • Vassalize everyone you can
  • Get a monopoly on a resource
  • Build a doomsday device
  • Tallest or most monuments in the world
  • Get elected speaker for the senate
Inventory City
There are three classes of objects:

For most costs, 4 Base = 1 Refined (except diamond)

Objects need storage or they will overflow in wet weather.
Food could rot any time, use it quickly!
When a timer hits 0:00:00, click to harvest.

Click rubble to pick up materials, crops to get food.
Scrap trees for food and coal.

Building commands -
  • Construct: 1 coal + building cost
  • Scrap: 1 coal
  • Rush: 1 food to speed production by 2 hours
A spy hunt costs ten juice. Work fast to win prizes!
Anarchy government gets double scrap and rubble.
Production Growth
Production buildings create new inventory objects -
  • Mines produce the base material of your land
  • Refineries produce a refined version of your base
  • Greenhouses produce two food at a time
  • Factories can produce several useful items
All production buidings except mines add and require power.
Power is the cost in coal to start a production building.
More power means more pollution.

Production modifier (PM) boosts mine and refinery output.
If PM is too low, workers may go on strike.
Feed the people for a quick PM boost.
Growth is governed by growth modifier (GM).
A high GM causes crops and trees to grow in your city.
A low, negative GM may cause them to wither and die.

Two major factors damage your GM -
  • Pollution, from power and inventory overflow
  • Fallout, caused by nuclear warfare
Several factors boost your GM -
  • A city empty of buildings, lots of growing space
  • Sunny or rainy weather
  • Green industry neighbours
Map Player Profile
Click dark map areas to build an outpost.
Outposts cost 1 Coal + 1 Glass (2 Glass if hated government)

Mouse-over top right for weather forecast.
Beware rain and storms, overfull inventory will wash away!

Overlays -
  • Topography (Wheel of Adventure)
  • Activity (harvest idles)
  • Vassals (your vassals, and master)
  • Espionage (spies on and off the map)
  • Heft (handy for land push)
Wheel of Adventure -
  • Spend all your juice on a random adventure
  • Your selected stance may affect the outcome
  • Use more juice for better prizes!
Your Profile
To see your profile -
  • Click center of the Map
  • Click Player Profile button in City
  • Click the Hunger icon in the upper HUD
Feed the People: For 1 food, reduce hunger, reset beat timer.
Missile Test: Launch ICBMs at a random player.

Other Profiles
To see another profile -
  • Click outposted lands on the map
  • Click names on the Scoreboard or in Chat
  • Use the Espionage map overlay
Attack / Nuke: Start a fight
Dispatch spy: Spy on their city, steal resources
Land push: Push them off your map
Trade Policy
Offer what you produce for what you need.

Rough trade guide:
  • 8 COAL = 4 BXT = 4 SAND = 4 IRON = 1 URO
  • 1 ALU = 1 STEEL = 1 GLASS = 1 DMND (more for EUR)
  • 1 DRILL = 1 ICBM (AID worth less)
On the trade screen, click the inventory to see specific offers.
Hold shift and click to see requests for that object.

Vassal trades are blue, global trades green, IWI trades yellow.

Repeat trades (R) stay up after they are taken.
For more trades, build a customs house and office tower!
As a last resort, visit the Black Market.
Choose a government that suits you! Change costs 1 food.
If governments hate each other, the cost is 2 food.
  • Anarchy: Double scrap, good for recovery
  • Bureaucracy: Master traders
  • Capitalism: Factories cost no power
  • Communism: Spy survival increased
  • Fascism: Increased tithes and bounties
  • Monarchy: PM vassal boost, less corruption
  • Technocracy: Shield for advanced buildings
  • Theocracy: High combat accuracy, lucky events
Laissez-faire industry is best for heavy production.
Green indsutry boosts GM for each other green neighbour.

Close the border to stop espionage and avoid senate rulings.
Local Combat Global Combat
Target Player Profile → Attack
  • Used for players visible on your map
  • You need one coal for each Cannon
  • Win tithes, bounties, and vassals
  • Most buildings destroyed wins
Use strong munitions for a more powerful attack -
  • Conventional Arms: Coal only
  • Moderate Atomics: Uranium Ore
  • Def Con One: Enriched Uranium (needs academy)
Attack players with more buildings than you, or no coal!
There are two ways to initiate global combat.

Target Player Profile → Nuke (Targeted)
Your Player Profile → Missile Test (Random target)
  • Used for players not visible on your map
  • You need one coal for each ICBM
  • Most ICBMs launched wins
You can only target players with whom you have contact -
  • Masters or vassals
  • Planted spies or hosted diplomats
  • Palantirs
Tech Politics
Research technology to unlock new buildings and abilities.

Tech levels do not allow the 4 Base = 1 Refined payment.

The technocracy government receives a bonus tech.
The theocracy government loses 1/3 of their tech tree.
(Abilities only, research can still proceed as normal.)

Tech can be stolen during land exchange.
Doomsday devices can destroy tech levels.
Votes cast in the senate change the rules of the game.
The senate impacts uranium refining, human rights, and more.
The speaker of the senate is elected as a special leader.

Close the border to bypass most senate rulings.

Voting also unlocks the ability to beat underlings.
Beatings can normally only happen every 10 hours.
Feeding the people resets this timer.

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