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17 Diabolical Machines

The pinnacle of the tech tree, diabolical machines are megaprojects that portend ultimate mastery of Battle Mines. Each new DM cannot be researched until the previous one has been experimentally activated, and each DM takes a large outpouring of effort to construct. Expect nearby empires to clamour at the gates when you begin work, as DMs are plainly visible on the map and all have a big impact on others. The land of a player who triggers one is known as ground zero.

Diabolical machines are built in 10% chunks, each taking 20 hours to complete. So, there should be adequate forewarning before a neighbour comes knocking on your door with an explosion powerful enough to rend time and space.

Each chunk costs an amount of refined materials determined by the type of DM you are working on, and the amount of work done so far. The order of refined materials used is:


Each chunk also has a extra cost of 5 steel (even if the primary cost is steel). Arms race, a senate issue, may affect may affect the extra steel cost by either doubling or eliminating it. This effect can be negated by closing your border.

The amount needed for each DM is:

DM Chunk cost (no senate ruling) Steel cost Total cost
Doomsday Device 5 5 100 refined materials
Scrambler ? ? ?
Time Machine ? ? ?
Weather Machine ? ? ?

Possession of a DM more than 10% complete will block land exchange with a player who has not reached the upper tech tree. Advanced diabolical machinery increases a land's heft dramatically, making it more expensive and risky to land push.

17.1 The Doomsday Device

They say that the atmosphere around an exploding doomsday device is eerily still due to the powerful vacuum it creates. Gigatons of steel tumble nebulously into the sky and bob on expanding shock waves of energy, diplomats scream silently as they are ripped into the abyss along with spark-spitting computers and entire cross sections of hull.

The doomsday device targets ground zero and all neighbours.

Battle mines that lose all their hull are destroyed, see Destruction for details.

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