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18 Idle Players

Idle players are those who have not logged in or made any conscious actions in a long time. Players become idle after one week of inactivity, or in their first week, just three days.

These players are subject to several special rules in order to keep the game entertaining for their erstwhile neighbours.

Idle players' trades are automatically cancelled, and replaced with a single repeating fair trade (similar to a vassal trade) for some base resource other than their own. This trade will change roughly every six hours, at the same time their borders will open if closed.

Additionally, active players who have a spy on an idle player are able to collect their crops and rubble. One unit of crops or rubble can be harvested from a given idle player every day; a timer displays the duration until a given idle is eligible for collection again. Super technoshields on either side block collection.

Players who are idle for too long risk losing their battle mine entirely, see obliteration for more details.

< 17 Diabolical Machines | Index | 19 Monuments >

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