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27 Appendix B - Building List

27.1 Basic Buildings

27.1.1 Academy

Cost 1 GLASS + 1 EUR + 1 DMND
Prerequisite tech Instant Tenure
Power 1
Footprint XX

The academy serves as the seat of higher learning for your empire, at least when the undergrads aren't partying out of control. Academies enable several functions:

Anarchy governments get no benefit from the academy. Technocracy governments lose 10 PM unless they have an academy.

27.1.2 Bunker

Cost 3 STEEL
Prerequisite tech Advanced Cavernry
Attributes Underground
Footprint X

The bunker becomes especially important when you have something to lose. With at least one bunker in your city and some food, you are immune to land exchange.

Each time someone attempts to land exchange you, one food will be consumed by your people, and the land exchange attempt will fail. If your people are full, no food will be consumed, and land exchange will still fail.

27.1.3 Cannon

Cost 2 STEEL
Footprint XX

The only means to fight and defend yourself against neighbourly aggression, cannons form the backbone of the military. Without them, you are a juicy vassal waiting to happen. The perma-cannon intrinsic functions almost identically to a cannon.

Cannons are the primary determinant of firepower; as such they hold one coal, protecting it from overflow. The number of cannons remaining after combat is a tie-breaker for determining victory. Munitions come in mild, hot, and extra spicy. See the Local Combat section for more details.

You cannot scrap your last cannon.

27.1.4 Cellar

Cost 3 ALU
Prerequisite tech Advanced Cavernry
Attributes Underground
Footprint X

Empires need plenty of coal, and the cellar makes managing this vital energy source much easier. With at least one cellar, coal takes up half as much space in your inventory (rounding up). Note that this means you may overflow more than usual when the weather catches you with your pants down. The cellar applies only after the cannon's storage effect.

27.1.5 Church / Temple / Mosque

Cost 3 STEEL
Footprint XX

Places of worship for the sky daddy-fearing among us, churches bolster the people's natural bigotry, rendering them immune to intellectual appeal and many forms of reason. They may also be known as temples, or mosques.

Immediately after combat, if a defeated player has more churches than the attacker, they are not vassalized. Tithes and bounties are still applicable. Churches built after combat do not end a vassalage. Note: If vassalization is prevented, an old vassalage will not be nullified. Thanks to master/vassal sight, the vassal of a church-superior master can continually attack due to their unequal levels of worship.

Theocracy governments are profoundly linked to churches. Without one, a theocracy gets -5 PM. With one, they get a 10% local combat accuracy boost. They get another 10% accuracy boost if their opponent has a church.

If you build a church, you become vulnerable to a theocracy revolt. This is important, the resultant tech loss may cause city size shrinkage, and loss of buildings. See Tech Level for more details.

Theocracy, fascism, and anarchy governments gain the ability to suicide bomb when they build a church. Informants are used for this spy mission, see Espionage for more details.

27.1.6 Customs House

Cost 1 GLASS + 1 ALU
Prerequisite tech Kakistocracy
Footprint XX

A colonial relic, the customs house nevertheless serves to streamline imports and exports. Your first customs house gives you +1 max trades. Every single customs house gives you +2 global trades.

Bureaucracy governments receive +1 PM for each customs house they possess.

27.1.7 Greenhouse

Cost 2 GLASS + 1 ALU
Prerequisite tech Post-Apoc Agronomy
Power 1
Attributes Production, fragile
Production time 12 hours
Footprint XXX

The greenhouse allows you to perform farming, a more reliable source of food than simply waiting around for it to grow by itself. 1 greenhouse produces 2 units of food, harvestable every twelve hours. Greenhouses receive an output boost from growth modifier (+10% chance of extra food / positive unit GM), but are threatened by strikes from production modifier (lower PM cap). Greenhouses are constructed with 6 hours (not 20) left on their timer.

27.1.8 Mine

Cost 2 ALU ~or~ 2 STEEL
Attributes Production, underground
Production time 6 hours (20 hours for uranium ore)
Footprint XX

The only building which can be constructed from more than one substance, mines are a highly fundamental institution. They allow you to extract more of your base resource from the land; see the Mining section for information on yields. The perma-mine intrinsic functions similarly to mines. Mines are constructed with their timer complete, except those on uranium tiles which have a 2-hour starting wait.

Mine output is boosted by production modifier. You cannot scrap your last mine.

27.1.9 Refinery

Cost 1 ALU + 1 STEEL + 1 GLASS
Prerequisite tech Refining
Power 1
Attributes Production
Production time 6 hours
Footprint XXX

Alongside mines, refineries make up the other half of your industrial dynamo. By turning your base resource into a refined material, the refinery facilitates storage and trade while providing vital building and technology components. See Refining for more details. The perma-refinery intrinsic functions similarly to a refinery. Refineries are constructed with their production timer complete. Refineries destroyed during or after production will leave appropriate extra rubble behind.

Like mines, refinery output is boosted by production modifier. When harvesting enriched uranium from a refinery, there is a 25% chance of also producing one fallout. Uranium refining may be restricted by the senate, but closing the border negates this.

27.1.10 Tree

Cost n/a
Attributes Underground
Footprint X

Trees cannot be constructed like other buildings, they must be grown in a city tile. This requires a positive GM, and because trees only grow in existing crop tiles you will need some of those too. See the Growth section for details.

Trees act like a warehouse, adding to your available space, unless the weather turns stormy. If you build a dome, they will function in stormy weather as well.

Although trees are buildings, they do not add to building count in several situations:

  • Destruction in local combat, for the purpose of determining victory
  • Destruction in combat, counting towards bounty tiers
  • 10 building limit in usability of aid

The preceding omissions are waived for idle players. Also, trees do not help ward off instability.

When scrapped, a tree yields 3 coal and 1 food, also adding 1 pollution. If destroyed in combat, they leave behind just three coal in the rubble.

27.1.11 Warehouse

Cost 1 ALU
Footprint X

The humble warehouse, stockpile of hopes and dreams. Warehouses add one to your available space. Space is important to monitor in case of overflow, when objects are lost in wet weather. The hull intrinsic performs the same function as warehouses.

You cannot scrap your last warehouse.

27.1.12 Windmill

Cost 1 ALU + 1 DMND
Prerequisite tech Wind Power
Footprint X

Windmills allow you to provide an alternate power source to production buildings. By positioning 2 windmills adjacent to a building that adds power, you reduce your power by 1 during windy and stormy weather. A dome prevents the operation of windmills.

A windmill can be shared by multiple powered buildings, but each building must be adjacent to at least 2 separate windmills to save power. See the Buildings section for information on adjacency. Buildings that add more than 1 power can have multiple sets of 2 windmills adjacent, to increase power savings. You cannot save more power from a building than it actually adds with windmills alone.

Building layout Result
Here is an academy near to 2 windmills, but unfortunately only two are adjacent. The top left windmill's diagonal position doesn't count, no power is saved.
Here are two refineries, each adjacent to 2 windmills. Notice that 1 windmill is being shared by the refineries. 2 power is saved in windy or stormy weather.
Here, 6 windmills are shared between 4 buildings. When the windmills are functioning, no power is added, even from the 3-power borehole powersink.

The effects of windmills and solar panels can be stacked together, but power can never drop below zero.

27.2 Advanced Buildings

All advanced buildings require the services of an academy to construct.

27.2.1 Dome

Cost 2 GLASS
Prerequisite tech Molecular Engineering

The dome is a special building that magically scales to the size of your city. It takes up no city area, instead it arches across the sky overhead, encasing your world in a shimmering hemisphere of fragile tranquillity. It is visible for miles around. Your neighbours will be jealous!

Domes are used to create a cozy little bubble, environmentally isolated from the harsh outside world. They have the following effects:

These beautiful structures are unfortunately highly delicate, being destroyed at the start of any combat and counting towards your building losses.

Domes can be scrapped the same as regular buildings. If they are destroyed, their rubble will scatter across the city (if there is room).

For technocracy governments, the dome becomes their super technoshield, an impenetrable barrier rendering them immune to combat and land exchange. See Technocracy for more details.

27.2.2 Factory

Cost 2 ALU + 2 STEEL + 2 GLASS
Prerequisite tech Manufacturing
Power 2
Attributes Production
Production time 6 hours
Footprint XX

Production floor of treasure and dreams, the mighty factory is the building for making top tier objects known as items, as well as fresh layers of hull for your battle mine. Raw materials are brought in by the warehouseful, and the results stored covetously away on completion. See Manufacturing for more details. Factories are constructed with their timer complete and hold either an aid, a diamond drill, or an ICBM. Factories destroyed during or after production will leave appropriate extra rubble behind.

Factories have autoharvest disabled by default. When it is enabled, you can select the item to manufacture next. Current and next item of manufacture are displayed with the factory timer.

The power added by factories is waived for capitalist governments.

27.2.3 Office Tower

Cost 1 DMND + 1 GLASS
Upgrade cost 1 DMND + 1 GLASS
Prerequisite tech Skyscraping
Footprint X

Office towers are your gateway to the global trade network. They can be upgraded from level one (when first built) up to level three, gaining height with every upgrade.

Your first office tower (of any level) gives you +1 max trades. Every level of every office tower in the city gives you +1 global trade. (ie. Each level 3 office tower gives you +3 global trades.)

Capitalists receive +1 PM for each fully upgraded (level 3) office tower they possess.

27.2.4 Reactor

Cost 1 EUR + 2 ALU
Prerequisite tech Nuclear Fission
Attributes Dangerous
Footprint XXX

Reactors allow you to streamline your industry, directly replacing coal in all production operations. If you have a fueled reactor, powered buildings will always use fuel in preference over coal.

Freshly constructed reactors are imbued with 10 fuel. You can add 10 more fuel to the reactor by feeding it one uranium ore. If you research Atomic Reconditioning (near the top of the upper tech tree), this increases to 12 fuel added per uranium ore.

Reactor fuel cannot replace coal in construction costs, scrapping, or warfare.

27.2.5 Solar Panel

Cost 2 DMND + 2 GLASS
Prerequisite tech Solar Power
Footprint  X

Solar panels, like windmills, offer the chance to make production buildings more efficient by reducing their power consumption. During sunny and windy weather, power is reduced by 2/3 the total power of buildings adjacent to a solar panel, rounding down. See the Buildings section for information on adjacency.

Building layout Result
The radar is close, but not adjacent to the solar panel. No power is saved.
   R   FF
 R   GGG
Two refineries, a greenhouse, and a factory are adjacent to this solar panel. From a total of 5 power from these buildings, 3 is saved. This configuration adds only 2 power to the player's total in windy and sunny weather.

The effects of solar panels and windmills can be stacked together, but power can never drop below zero.

27.2.6 Telescope

Cost 3 STEEL + 1 GLASS
Prerequisite tech Applied Optics
Attributes Isolated
Footprint X

Telescope are used to increase combat accuracy. The first telescope you build increases accuracy by 10%. Each successive telescope increases accuracy by half the previous amount, rounding down, minimum 1%. So, accuracy gains look like this:

Telescopes Accuracy gained
1 +10%
2 +5%
3 +2%
4 +1%
5 +1%
... ...

27.3 Powersinks

A player's city can only have one powersink at a time. All powersinks are considered advanced buildings, each adds three power.

27.3.1 Borehole

Cost 1 ALU + 1 STEEL + 1 DMND
Prerequisite tech Powersinks
Power 3
Attributes Production, dangerous
Production time 6 hours (20 hours for uranium ore)
Footprint XXX

Boreholes function similarly to mines, but have five times the output of one mine. They are subject to the usual effects of production modifier. They are considered a production building.

The borehole cannot be rushed, and does not have its timer complete on construction.

27.3.2 Fridge

Cost 1 ALU + 1 GLASS + 1 EUR
Prerequisite tech Powersinks
Power 3
Footprint X

Fridges help to conserve food. With a fridge in your city, food will never rot. Also, food takes up half as much space in your inventory, the same way a cellar reduces the space taken up by coal.

Ramul will not be able to demand food when you visit the black market. Instead, food will become a selectable object in the trade list. If you do select food as part of the trade however, Ramul will demand all of it first before requesting any other objects.

27.3.3 Landmine

Cost 1 EUR + 1 STEEL
Prerequisite tech Powersinks
Power 3
Attributes Isolated
Footprint X

Landmines serve as a deadly deterrent to land exchange. If land exchange is forced on a vassal with a landmine in their city, the invading party will suffer damage to the hull of their battle mine, possibly losing the game (see Destruction).

The amount of hull damage dealt is equal to the "mark" of the landmine, so for example a "Landmine, mk. III" would deal three hull damage to any invading battle mine. Landmines start at mark one and gain one mark for every 3 days they exist, up to a maximum of ten marks (over 30 days).

Being such powerful instruments of devastation, the senate levies a special ruling against landmines. If they vote to ban them, landmines cannot be constructed unless a player's border is closed. Defensive landmines means that they only take effect for the land-losing vassal, damaging their invading master. This is the default setting. If, however, the senate votes to allow offensive use of landmines, they operate on both master and vassal. Aggressive masters can build and detonate landmines under their poor vassals while the children weep and the women lament.

27.3.4 Purifier

Cost 1 ALU + 1 GLASS + 1 DMND + 1 EUR
Prerequisite tech Powersinks
Power 3
Attributes Fragile
Footprint XXX

Purifiers double the natural drain of pollution as determined by industry, and fallout drain dependant on base resource.

27.3.5 Radar

Cost 1 STEEL + 2 GLASS
Prerequisite tech Powersinks
Power 3
Footprint XXX

Radar serves to protect a player's city from incoming ICBM strikes. When attacked in global combat, a player with a radar will return fire with a single missile (if available). Instead of impacting terrestrially, the defensive player's ICBM will intercept all incoming missiles, detonating them in mid-air. Both attacking and defending players will be spared damage to their city and fallout in their land. The result of the battle will be a draw.

For each intercepted missile, a random neighbour of the defensive player will be selected. This player suffers the effect of an overhead EMP blast, which destroys one random advanced building (if they have any), starting with a dome (if present). The technocracy government's technoshield is useless against the effects of an EMP blast.

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