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The camel

The mascot of Battle Mines, it is indeed the lowly camel that shoulders those early loads of coal and bauxite for you to and from the market place during the early years. Mark him well.

The Chief Spy

The chief spy takes control of all espionage activities. Everything from daily reports, smuggling and corruption all the way up to covert operations. Her seductive wiles have enticed many a lonely male gamer to sit down and give this thing a try.


The Ecological Ramblers' Association or ERA represent everything militantly leftist about the environmental agencies of Battle Minia. If a smokestack gets clogged with celery or all that's left of a rabid industrialist is a blackberry and some poncho twine, you can bet your grandma's socks the ERA are behind it.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Look to the skies, oh mortal creature, for the heralding of thy doom. The much-feared horsemen are a timeless plague on the face of Battle Minia, only the most cunning of players could find ways to press such earth-shattering forces to their advantage.


The International Weapons Inspectors or IWI are a multinational watchdog team of nerdy scientists, charged with ensuring nobody goes too overboard with all this battling and mining. They wield godlike power as the situation warrants, and there is no getting around their unswerving will. Unless you are really, really good.

The Master Bombardier

The Master Bombardier, or Master B to his friends get your mind out of the gutter, is a waffling old curmudgeon entrusted with ultimate command of the royal fusiliers and cannonade embattlements. He and he alone gives the final order to decimate enemy cities, and exercises deityesque authority over the lesser servicemen who scramble to enact his will. That is, except when he forgets to take his medicine. Oh my goodness, then it's another story entirely.


Oh Nancy, can none file a requisition form so elegantly as thou? Another oversexualized fan service game seller, Nancy gets the bread-and-butter of your will enacted despite a constant stream of logistical nightmares and other somewhat flustering situations.


A sensible master's student in a sensible tweed jacket, Nigel embodies everything both capable and responsible of those among the academic body, which if you have seen the backside of the academy you would question ardently.

The Players

The most important ones in the universe are those driving the battle mines, you and your friends! Other players can be your neighbors and trading partners, masters and vassals. You can spy on each another and engage in diplomacy. You can build monuments, doomsday devices, even become leaders of the entire world!

The People

"The people" refers to the kindly folk that inhabit your battle mine, and slave tirelessly to ensure all production deadlines are met. Known for their fondness of second breakfast, elevenses, snacktime and supper, food is indubitably the key to the hearts of these humble folk.

The Senate

The senate is another world-governing body, this one driven by the players, you! Every week the senate meets, and votes regarding the some of the game rules are tallied with results posted outside the senate doors. Be sure to make your voice heard!

Three-fingered Ramul

Ramul is a shady character who forges your connection with the underside of Battle Minia. Do not shun his questionable services, embrace them, for they are hugely useful tools in the hands of a wise leader.

Your Underlings

Indistinct rabble that yawn endlessly into the ever-blackening depths of your antechamber, you are blessedly surrounded by legions of eager citizens and hangers-on, backed by the might of the people and slavering to enact your most offhand whims.

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