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20 Leaders

He who dies with the most stuff, wins. Fortunately death is unusual in Battle Mines, but equating stuff with success is a tempting yardstick and we find no exceptions here. Being designated a leader brings fame on a Battle Minia-wide scale.

Some leaders, such as the global leader and the speaker for the senate, have no distinct government affiliation. Others are the players with the highest score in each of the available governments, except for syndicalism which scoffs at such low-brow concepts. Leaders cannot be revolted to other governments, nor can they change their government, unless it is to return to their ordained position after a tragic fall into anarchy for one reason or another.

Leader titles override one another. If a player attains multiple leadership positions, she or he will assume the higher priority one and lower post will go unfilled until the next ranking. Leader roles may also go unfilled for other reasons such as a tie in selection requirements between candidates, though governmental leadership ties are broken by whoever logged in least recently.

This table lists the leader titles in order of priority.

Leader Title Requisites
Speaker for the Senate Election by the senate
Global Leader Highest score
Leader of [Government] Highest score in a given government
Representative of Anarchy As above, for anarchy government
Overseer of the Land Highest monument
Master Builder Most monuments
Watcher in the Deep Most palantirs

To see the current world leaders, visit the politics screen and click the scoreboard tab. Down the right side is a list of the world leaders, along with the point scores that brought them such a lofty position.

20.1 Score

Player scores are calculated at random intervals. It's difficult to cause your score to "peak" at the exact time when leaders are selected, so there is a degree of randomness in the selection process.

A player's score (visible on the left side of the scoreboard for locals) is the sum of several elements listed below.

Factor Score impact
Vassals x 10
Production modifier +
Growth modifier +
Occupied tiles (building area) +
Advanced buildings +
Tech level +
Diplomats +
Outposts +
Controlled monument height (1 level = 50m) +
Player IS a vassal Score cut in half

Rank titles are determined based on score relative to other players in the game. It is possible to have a negative score. Although score is collected at frequent random intervals, it will not necessarily be up to date with your current status. Check back hourly or so.

Global warfare can only be used to attack players with a higher score, unless the red horseman rides.

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