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19 Monuments

Plenty of hull, tech, and diabolic machines under the belt; what's a battle miner to do?

For the princely sum of ten aluminum, steel, glass and diamond, you can construct a monument to your many successes at the heart of your empire. Monuments are visible from the map. The name of the original builder, and date of construction, are recorded on the base of the monument itself.

Monuments can be augmented for the same price. This adds a level of height to the monument, further increasing its grandeur. Each level increases monument height by 50 meters. The controller of the monument can add to it, but not change the name and date of the original builder.

Monuments are not affected by warfare and can withstand the blast of a doomsday device, but they are not indestructible. Any level of monument can be completely destroyed by the controlling player for 25 enriched uranium. With carefully controlled atomic detonations your engineers reduce the environmental impact to a mere 5 fallout.

The player who has built the most monuments (in the whole world) becomes a leader, the master builder. The player who controls the highest monument also becomes a leader, the overseer of the land. If there is a tie between players for these contests, that leader position goes unfilled.

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