Battle Mines
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make a fun game? I did, so I made several! This is one of them.

Everything was destroyed you see, in the global apocalypse, but fortunately the battle mines did not count among everything as per design. Safe and secure in their mobile battle fortresses of yore, the people contained within these various incredible tank-like omnibuses of doom managed to eke out a living chasing lizards and quadrupedal mutant cacti. And yet they were not satisfied. They yearned for something more. So they formed governments, set their battle mines to digging and farming and building cities, and staked a claim on the territory around them. In doing so, they quickly found their neighbours. And so, all was born!

It is a desolate place, but with tender care the people of the mines are able to nurse some greenery out of the toxic soil for sustenance, and have evolved a tasty centipede stew you should try sometime.

I hope you enjoy exploring as much as I've enjoyed creating this little corner of the universe.

Pablo Picasso, L'Homme au Piano
Ink Drawing, 1914

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