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oi, n00bz

In a post-apocalyptic world of untold misery but surprisingly affordable car insurance, you are the master of a massive tank-like contraption called a battle mine. Your battle mine can do useful things like mine resources from the earth, and provide shelter during inclement weather. Cities are built to augment these abilities.

Together you and your people oversee a patch of earth close to some neighbouring lands, each with its own battle mine. These other nations may prove friend or foe, and must be dealt with accordingly. The weapon of choice is bombardment via cannonade, with nuclear munitions for an extra kick.

Other players appear when you build an outpost in the half-dark areas on the map. Try outposting neighbors that mine a different material to you, so you can trade with them for useful resources. You can also dispatch spies to steal from and spy on your neighbours. If they look weak, attack them for tithes and bounties and make them your vassals.

From your land, you mine one of five base materials. These are:

Coal (COAL)

Coal is used to power everything, from construction to warfare to the refining and manufacturing of goods. Always maintain a good amount of coal in your inventory.

Bauxite (BXT)

A vital component of production and storage, bauxite has many peaceful applications.

Pig Iron (IRON)

Used to construct weapons of war and the awesome ICBM, pig iron is yet an important component of industrial growth.

Sand (SAND)

Sand helps you learn about the world. Use it to build outposts that reveal terrain, and to dispatch spies, who gather information on the enemy while channeling stolen goods back to you.

Uranium Ore (URO)

Uranium can be used to great effect in battle, but it has a peaceful side in the reactor where it powers production for the city. A uranium land is not at first available to newcomers.

To advance various industrial and technology projects, you'll need components of all five resources. Your neighbours control the other resources you need, so trade, steal, and battle away in order to get them.

After researching refineries, base materials can be made into a purified version called refined materials, whose value is fourfold. You can only refine from the material you mine, listed together in the first and second columns of your inventory.

You will often stockpile refined materials to save up for a new building or a megaproject, since the cheap base materials take up so much more space. Space is important, because when it rains any objects you don't have room for will wash away and cause pollution. Pollution affects your mining, it will lower the production capability of your mines, as will building too many mines.

When starting out, make sure you post some trades, and maybe choose a government. Visit every screen in the lower hud elements, and learn what each value in the upper hud means. Spend a few days filling up your city with more mines, cannons, and warehouses. Build lots of outposts, send out spies, chat with other players, learn how to defend yourself, check out the tech tree.

There's always more to do in... where the hell are we again?


PS. If this hasn't helped, read on to section 2 of the manual: Interface. Also check out the official n00b Guide.

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