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25 Gold

Gold. That most treasured of social gaming currencies, the means by which this humble programmer hopes to feed his family. Gold can be purchased for real-world money, and allows the player to unlock some extra game functionality. Though not normally referenced as part of the game universe, gold can have a great impact on your game experience.

Services that can be purchased for gold include:

After logging in, visit the store page for information on each of these. Bonus objects, which appear in the game itself after purchase, are discussed here.

Another major advantage of becoming an official Battle Mines supporter: After your first gold purchase, the inner layer of your battle mine's hull is reinforced with unobtanium. You also gain immunity to idle death. Your battle mine can never be obliterated.

25.1 Bonus Objects

Bonus objects are purchased in exchange for gold on the store web page (not in-game). Every game object (except the palantir) has an equivalent bonus version. To discourage rampant use of bonus objects, permits are required to exchange more than 10 gold for bonus objects in a given 24-hour period. Go to the store web page for details.

Any bonus objects you possess are displayed in your inventory to the right of the regular object quantity. Rather than black, they are teal-coloured. For brevity, a large number of bonus objects (ten or more) will show as an abbreviated "9+" value. Visit the store again to see exactly how many bonus objects you have.

Bonus objects are unaffected by in-game events. They will never be tithed, stolen or overflowed. They will also never be taken as part of a posted trade, or used up by autoharvesting. Bonus coal and munitions are not used in defensive combat. Bonus objects do not actually exist in the game universe yet, meaning bonus diamond drills do not contribute to production modifier. They are off-limits, until the player chooses to manually spend them on something, or converts them to real objects in the store.

When the player manually spends a resource for which there are bonus equivalents available, the bonus objects will automatically be spent before the regular ones. This restriction cannot be avoided, bonus objects cannot be hoarded and must be spent when part of a manually triggered in-game cost. If the cost being paid is greater than the amount of bonus objects available, normal non-bonus objects will be spent to make up the difference (if possible). The material priority policy setting is respected and indeed takes priority with bonus and regular objects alike.

Note that for events happening after the manual expenditure, bonus objects are once again protected. For example, you could use your bonus enriched uranium in an attack, without fear of your bonus ICBMs being tithed if you were to lose the battle.

If you wish, you can convert all of your bonus objects into normal inventory objects in the store. All bonus objects must be converted at once, they cannot be changed over piecemeal. WARNING: As soon as your bonus objects are converted, they become vulnerable to the usual in-game occurences stated above.

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