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5 Time

Time is an important factor in playing Battle Mines. The game can't be experienced in one sitting, and players may want measures by which to gauge the frequency of their visits. Rather than using absolute time (ie. We will attack at 5:46 am EST), most time is described in durations (ie. We attack in 3 hours).

Some durations, such as the those involving production buildings, can be measured exactly. Others are exact, but not given to the player with high precision. Others will happen at random times, but their mean frequency is static. The following table describes most of the time durations you will encounter in Battle Mines.

Event Average duration Random?
Digestion 1 hour Yes
Pollution change 1 hour Yes
Fallout change 2 hours Yes
Non-URO Perma-mine production 2 hours Yes
Desolation 2 hours Yes
Growth 4 hours Yes
Corruption 4 hours Yes
Black market restocking 4 hours No
Non-URO mining, refining, manufacturing 6 hours No
Syndicalism maintenance 6 hours No
URO Perma-mine production 6 hours Yes
1/4 chance of food rotting 6 hours Yes
Weather change 8 hours Yes
Farming 12 hours No
URO mining 20 hours No
Diabolical machine chunk installation 24 hours No
Perma-refining 24 hours Yes
n00b shield expiration 4 days No

5.1 Holidays

Several days of the year are recognized as official Battle Mines holidays. Here is the list:

Date Holiday
January 1st New Year's Day
February 14th Saint Valentine's Day
March 17th Saint Patrick's Day
April 22nd Earth Day
May 5th Cinco de Mayo
July 1st Canada Day
July 12th Battle Mines' Birthday
September 11th Coptic New Year
September 19th International Talk Like a Pirate Day
October 31st Hallowe’en
November 11th Remembrance Day
December 9th Hanukkah '93
December 24th Christmas Eve
December 25th Christmas Day
December 26th Kwanzaa
December 31st New Year's Eve

Holidays may be voted by the senate as a day when attacks are forbidden. On Hallowe'en, hull loss from the pale horseman is tripled. Battle Mines uses the Gregorian calendar system.

5.2 New Battle Miners

Players who are new to the world (less than one week) receive a handful of benefits to help them get used to the game. These include, but are not limited to:

When a brand new player arrives on someone's map, that player is given a free outpost with the newcomer. New players may also get free outposts on their starting neighbours.

There is one downside: New players go idle more quickly in their first week, in as little as three days. Be sure to keep those trades fresh!

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