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An incredible apocalyptic world lies before you.

Giant centipedes scuttle across blasted landscapes in search of prey.

Mutant plants brave the elements, only to wither under waves of fallout.

Far away, the horsemen of the apocalypse wait to unleash their special brand of terror.

All sit in a rusty red ocean, teeming with sea monsters and mystery.

Then there are the people of this land, proud and hard-working. They till the soil, refine ore to build and trade, and research technology in an effort to survive. Banding together, empires are formed, organized under the leadership of one such as yourself.


To aid in their herculean task, each empire draws strength from a large and powerful machine known as a battle mine. Part tank, part drilling rig, part mobile storage: Battle mines lend safety and stability in a dangerous world.

The time is now! Lead your people on strange and wonderful adventures, through triumphant victory and crushing defeat, persevere and one day you may boast the illustrious title -

Master of Battle Mines

BATTLE MINES © Erik Walle 2005-2014
Red Asteroid Games Inc.
All rights reserved